The main difference between the classes is that one uses a data source to determine the database dialect and the another uses a model to determine the dialect. Join Indeed Prime – Get offers from great tech companies. But completely opposite if you want to implement some other DB engine. It is available on github at https: Leap makes building SQL statements easy using its query builder. It is just in case you want to debug the SQL statement; otherwise, you can just chain execute onto your other calls. In cases where you need to combine two SQL statements, you can do so using the following function call:.

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I believe it really depends on what the programmer is working on These forums are read-only and for archival purposes only! There isn’t that much benefit to it, and if there was say if a distributable product wanted to do it there would be people out there that might take the task on.

Adding a having clause is identical to adding a where clause, except it must be declared only after at least one group by clause has been declared; otherwise, an exception will be thrown.

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Furthermore it is primarily designed for MySQL, which does have offset-limit clauses, but these clauses are not the part of the SQL standard. Kohaan strive to support the sql standard concepts, not a specific implementation mysql. Like Akki says, how many times have you switched database engines on a project?


Email Required, but never shown. Kohana should be flexible enough to allow users needing to interact with multiple databases to do so. The whole thing is quite a niche and exotic cause from my point of view. It’s still very hard to do “right” with a driver based system. I do not see reduction in code complexity in current approach.

I often hear that simple projects don’t need complicated queries so a basic wrapper fits their needs – personally I have neved seen such a small project. If the wrapper supports only some very common operations then it’s close to be useless, since you can use it only in a few cases, and in all other cases you need to write plain SQL string.

Please join our new forums at discourse. And btw I also have project where there are two DB engines used Oracle and MySQL kobana, and I would like to be able to use same code consistently without increasing code complexity.

We officially support SQL which correct, doesn’t have limit or offset words. You cannot ignore browser quirks and just write standard code Does the current SQL abstraction help then?

Reducing code complexity is a good goal. What is the interview process like?


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Even an 5k loc application will orracle run complicated queries. Based on 4, salaries. The ideal driver development process for such wrapper would be orale following: Every day, thousands of employers search Indeed. Kohana Framework Developer jobs Filter results by: These two classes are for the most part the same; however, there are some minor differences between them. Taking only the greatest common subset of the databases’ features is not the way to go.

And when you’re not using it you either have a very basic interface, with all sorts of parameters, random parameter ordering, NULL’s you have to pass, etc. If not, then – as the worst case – the driver should throw an exception. Since the ERP’s database cannot be touch because of warranty reasons, many companies have to use multiple databases in the same application.

It is available on github at https: Stack Iracle works best with JavaScript enabled.